A Historically Accurate Ghost Tour

Haunted Conroe Ghost Tour ℠ is the culmination of several years of research of downtown Conroe and interviews with shop owners.  Our goal is to provide you with the most historically accurate and paranormal tour possible.

The tour will take you on a walking tour of downtown Conroe, around the town square.  While a bustling, growing city during the day, night brings out the spirits of the past.

Handicapable/Wheelchair Accessible ♿

The tour is wheelchair accessible and friendly with only a few places that may be a little difficult due to angles of the ramps or curbs, but still fairly easy to navigate. While the tour was “walked” several time by a wheelchair bound person, and he was able to complete the tour with no problem, a companion may be very helpful in some locations.

Primary Tour Guide

Picture of Edward S. Burns, primary tour guide
Edward S. Burns, primary tour guide

Edward S. Burns is the owner of Haunted Conroe Ghost Tour as well as the primary tour guide.  He has been a tour guide for another ghost tour company for several years before jumping into this adventure.

He is an excellent storyteller who always engages the audience.  While appearing mild mannered, Edward also loves to embrace the dark side of history.